Spring may be upon us, but this doesn’t mean that we and our families are going to spend the entire time outside playing and having fun. Sometimes spring can surprise us with really bad weather. Sometimes we are way too busy to be involved in fun activities with our little fellows and we have to find a way to make the children have fun alone, while we have more time to do our business. But don’t worry, because there are plenty of ways to have fun inside the house. However, inside games can be really challenging for our hardwood floors, because of all the high traffic, heavy footfall and all possible ways to ruin the floor and its finish, to leave scratches, gaps, discolouration, stains and more. Once again, don’t worry, because there are plenty of ways to have fun inside and still have an amazing looking floor. Today we are providing you with 15 fun ideas on how to have that balance!

Build a fort

Building a fort of sheets can be real fun and stimulate the productivity and imagination of your children. Everything you need is a couple of sheets and… well, and a few heavy objects like furniture pieces, tables and chairs that dragged on the floor can leave horrible scratches. There is a solution for you – make sure that all heavy furniture pieces have soft pads attached to their legs. Soft pads are an easy and inexpensive way to avoid scratches on an everyday basis and especially when the chairs are used for inside games.

Jigsaw puzzles

The flat surface of your floor is the perfect base for a jigsaw puzzle, plus this is a fun activity for the whole family, not only the young ones. Simply make sure to place cardboard underneath before starting to play with the puzzle to prevent eventual scratches.


Every proper dancefloor is made out of wood! The smooth and even surface is perfect for swirling and twirling. Besides being fun, indoor dancing is also a great way to exercise.

Musical cushions

If you are familiar with the game musical chairs, then you can try its more hardwood floor-friendly alternative – it’s called musical cushions. You don’t have to worry about chairs sliding all over your floor.

Laundry basket ball

Everything you need for this fun game is a laundry basket and a few balls made out of socks, or a few stuffed animals. As you can imagine, there is no chance to damage the floor with these soft “balls”, even when you don’t hit the basket.

Balloon ping pong/tennis

Are you up to another energy-consuming and fun indoor game? Then balloon tennis is right up your alley! As you can imagine, using balloons instead of real balls is way friendlier to your hardwood floor too. If you want to be extra creative, then you can make your own tennis racquet by glueing a paper plate to something longer than its wide that will work as a grip.

Plastic bottle bowling

Do you have some empty plastic bottles? Then don’t throw them away, but collect them for this fun plastic bottle bowling game. Then use some soft plush or rubber ball to be extra friendly to your hardwood floor and prevent scratches. If you need to fill the bottles in order to stabilize them, then do not use water, because leaks can happen and the extra moisture is really bad for hardwood.