Weather outside is really gloomy and sad and you need some fun and engaging ways to spend the day indoors without being bored to death? Well, today we are here with part two of our series providing you with more and more ideas for fun family activities and indoor games that bring back the cheerful mood and happiness to your day. Don’t worry about your wooden floors too, because all these games are appropriate for hardwood surfaces and at the end of the day no scratches, stains and other issues will be a reason to ruin the fun.

Domino run

Just pick up a couple of domino sets, if you do not have this game at home already and let the kids find out what means “to fall like dominoes”!

Grocery bag blocks

If you have a stash of paper bags, then here is how you can use them in a fun way! Just put one inside the other, mouth to mouth so the bottom of one bag makes one side of the block and the bottom of the other one makes the other side. You can add more fun by letting your kids be extra creative and decorate and paint the blocks the way they want. Then you can plan all together what you can build from these blocks!

Slip-n-slide cleaning

Want to have fun and be productive at the same time? Your hardwood floor needs a bit of cleaning, but you can’t make anyone in the house help you out? Well, here is a fun way that everyone would like to be involved! Take the clothes you usually use for cleaning the hardwood floor and attach them to the slippers of your kids. That is all, really! Then give them an area to slide around on and let them free to have fun. Believe us, they will be really impatient until the next time the floor has to be cleaned.


Do you remember this funny indoor game we used to play a lot? The instructions are simple, while the game is interesting enough to engage your kids for longer. Plus, it is a completely hardwood-friendly option.

Pom-pom obstacle course

Get different coloured pompoms (you will need a different colour for each player in this game). Then set out a series of goals throughout the house and place one pompom in each goal. Each player starts with a certain colour and a spoon. Then they have to make their way through the house and keeping them pompoms on the spoon, then exchanging them for the new colour at each goal.

Paper cup tower

If you have a bunch of paper cups you can use them for building a tower. If you want to add extra fun to this game, then leave your kids to decorate and colour the cups.


At first your kids won’t be that excited about reading, but soon they will be intrigued by the story of the book and won’t want to do anything else. Plus, there is nothing better than curling up with an interesting book on a gloomy and rainy day.

Card games

Another classic and fun option. Card games keep generations and generations busy while stuck inside for so many years and your hardwood floor will make an excellent venue for all kinds of card games.