Hardwood floors, no matter if solid wood or engineered wood, they top the list of the best flooring investments and this is not a surprise for us! Hardwood floors are a great investment because of their appearance and their unique way to add elegance, warmth, cosiness and high style wherever they are installed. But it is not all about the looks. They are highly durable and sturdy, they are pretty easy to install and even easier to maintain in good condition. These and many more are among the main selling points of hardwood.

Speaking of maintenance, hardwood floors don’t require too much. A simple and timely yet effective cleaning and maintenance routine will pretty much do the trick and make your floors last up to 100 years… and even more! However, the lasting power almost entirely depends on the maintenance and care you take of it. Because of that one of the most common issues are all bonded the inappropriate maintenance and cleaning practices. Today we are going to take a quick glimpse on the most common issues and problems your hardwood floor may face throughout the years of loyal serving and how you can avoid them!

Plank width and choosing it

The width of the wooden planks may seem like an important part of their visual appearance, but it has a lot to do with the stability and durability of the whole arrangement. Practically anyone knows by now that wood floors, being entirely made of natural product, are pretty sensitive to the impact of the environment, especially to moisture and humidity. Moisture is pretty much the most serious wood’s enemy because when moisture is excessive, it makes the planks contract and expands. This movement of the planks leads to more serious issues sooner or later and can ruin the whole floor in general. So, what plank width to choose for your installation project? In general, the wider the width of the planks, the more pronounced the effects of swelling and shrinking are.

Unexpected look

Buyers of solid wood floors are often not understanding that the sample or the picture in the catalogue of the wood floor of their choice is most certainly not going to look exactly the same when installed in their own home. In general, solid wood floors are made entirely from real wood as well as the top layer of engineered wood and expecting that all-natural wood pieces will look the same, having the same uniform shade, natural patterns and dents, you will be surprised with how wrong you are.

Dents and scratches

Dents and scratches are something highly common with wood floors. No matter the quality, the grade and the wood species, all wood floors are going to experience scratches and dents – they are the traces of everyday use and high traffic. But worry not, because they can be removed easily with a quick sanding!

Bad floor maintenance

You have to be aware of how to look after your floor correctly. As we have mentioned, your cleaning and maintenance routine doesn’t have to be time-consuming and very complex. Simply follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and you can enjoy a flawless-looking and very durable floor for the longest time!


Many customers are highly surprised with the change of colour of the floor they notice after the first year of installation. In fact, your floor will most certainly change its shade and this is a completely normal process. In general, depending on the sun exposure and a number of other reasons, your floor will most probably get darker.