Solid wood and engineered wood floors are completely real wood materials and their genuine nature can be a subject of some issues, no matter their solid, durable and hard-wearing structure. While conditions such as humidity, temperature extremes and moisture can cause serious damages, inappropriate maintenance and abrasive cleaning products are also a reason your wooden floor start facing some problems and imperfections. In fact, a big amount of the most common wood floor damage causers are, in fact, preventable and it is up to you how you maintain and look after your wooden floor so you can enjoy it for a long period of time. Here are 8 recommendations our experts advise in order to keep your flooring in flawless condition.

Never apply cleaning products directly on the floor

The first important thing is to be sure you use the proper cleaning products designed exclusively for wooden flooring. Keep in mind that abrasive products, bleach and vinegar are not recommended by the experts. However, even working with the proper cleaners, pouring a great amount of them directly on the floor’s surface is not the best idea, because this can have the same effect as spilling water directly on the floor and will cause cupping and swelling.

Do not use harsh chemicals

As we have already mentioned above, you should use only specially designed wooden flooring cleaners. Wax and silicone-based products, ammonia, bleach, soaps, etc. are not recommended.

Place protective covers on the casters and legs of heavy furniture

Heavy furniture pieces and their legs and casters are amongst the main reasons your sleek wooden floor to be covered in scratches and dents. Prevent that by placing protective covers.

Don’t use steam mops for cleaning wooden flooring

Steam, temperature extremes, moisture and humidity are the biggest enemies of wood. Because of their affection, the wood starts to contract and expand, which leads to serious damages such as broken, cracked and loose planks and boards. Be sure not to put your wooden flooring under these conditions, because it can quickly become a subject of issues and imperfections and lose its solidness and beauty.

Don’t wear high heel shoes on wooden flooring

High heels on shoes are the reason for many scratches and dents. Make sure to skip wearing them on the wooden surface and if you can, try and stop wear shoes at home, rather replace them with slippers.

Make sure you refinish the floor often enough

Depending on the type of wood flooring, the wood species, the age and condition and the finishing products, different wooden floors need some professional refinishing treatment from time to time. Make sure you won’t skip hiring the professionals, because even the finer imperfection, in neglected can grow into a serious issue.

Do not drag appliances and furniture pieces

Dragging heavy objects on the wooden surface will leave it scratched and distressed and also will lead to quicker wear and tear.

Trim your pet’s nails often enough

Untrimmed pet’s nails are another reason to face distressing flooring sooner than you have expected.