It is an old reputation wooden floors are not easy to maintain. In fact, if you don’t have your floors some love and care, they are most likely to experience issues and wear and tear in the next few years, but this is not something, that should refuse you from purchasing solid wood, engineered wood, parquetry or floorboards. Wood flooring is, in fact, a valuable and vibrant feature of any space and room and if you follow a couple of basic rules for maintenance and protecting, recommended by our experienced experts, based in London, you will enjoy a sleek surface and sturdy structure for… well, for the rest of your life!

Protect them from water

Well, water and wood are not the best combos possible. Avoiding water should start with the installation of your floors. Make sure you hire professionals for the fitting process, so you can be sure the damp and humidity tests will be done prior and your flooring won’t experience contracting and damaging later on. Next to the basic rule, you should be aware of is cleaning the wooden installation with a damp mop or cloth. Sweeping with a fine broom is the most recommended cleaning advice, however, if you decide to use water, simply make sure it’s close to the minimum. Similarly, remove liquids spilt on the floor immediately.

Clean them regularly

The frequency of your cleaning routine is strictly individual. While commercial floors have to be cleaned every day, if your floor doesn’t experience high traffic, you can develop a weekly routine. Sweeping with a fine broom is all you need, however, you can vacuum once in a while, especially for inaccessible areas. Make sure you use the proper setting of the vacuum cleaner, created for hardwood and you won’t cause scratches. The same applies to the cleaning products – use only cleaners, created for wood to prevent stains and major issues.

Prevent from scratches and dents

Well, this is your most essential awareness when owning a wooden floor. Wooden surfaces can be easily scratched by dust and dirt particles, pet’s nails and high heels, heavier objects and furniture and even by your cleaning routine. Here is how to avoid scratches and marks:

  • Take care of your pets and that way you take care of your floor. Make sure dogs’ and cats’ nails are trimmed regularly.
  • Purchase some felt protecting pads and rugs. Place them strategically in high traffic areas, under furniture’s legs and around the front door, so your visitors can sweep dirt and dust from their shoes. Be sure you avoid wearing high heels.
  • Once again – don’t use too much water, abrasive cleaning products, heavy vacuum cleaners and hard-bristled brooms. Be sure you remove spills, liquids, beverage and food stains immediately.

When you show your wooden floor love and care, it will definitely pay off, creating an inviting and cosy ambience and adding value to your home.