Have you noticed that your flooring does not look so good anymore? That its shine is gone? Or probably you have recently purchased a new home, where the flooring does not look good anymore, and you are wondering if you should replace it or reinstall it? We will try to help you find the better option in your case.

For the correct decision, you might ask an expert for advice. He will talk with you about the different options and which one is the best in your case. The wooden flooring might be re-sanded several times and the state of its upper layer is something that will define if it can be sanded or not. If it is too thin, it would be advisable to totally exchange the flooring, than to just sand it. It might be too worn out to be sanded. The expert you will turn to will give you the best advice for you.

When you turn to a professional, he will check the condition of the surface under the floor. If it is also damaged, if it is too harmed, it could be better to exchange your flooring. Because the repair can cost you a lot of money. The advice that you will get from the expert, in this case, will save you lots of money.

The refinishing of the wooden flooring can take much more time than its reinstallation. Depending on what is the condition of the flooring, it may take from 1-2 to 5 days. It also requires a lot of materials, tools, instruments, etc. The installing, on the other side, could be completed in one day only, and will not produce so much garbage and dust.

You have to consider the price also. The cheaper variant is the sanding, because purchasing new wooden flooring will cost a lot. You can save some money by installing it by yourself. The sanding, done by yourself, can also cost less, but as this is a tough process, it is better for a professional company to do this for you.

If you, on the other side, wish to change the look of your flooring totally, and to add a new accent in your room, then you should select the installing of a new one. This is also a good option because you will have a totally new vision in your home.