Welcome to the world of distressed hardwood flooring – it is unique, it is eye-catching and it is so much fun, just like every distressed and hand-scraped hardwood floor. In fact, the distressed look wins over the hearts of more and more people, while gaining a lot of popularity for both domestic and commercial projects. It matches perfectly warm-shaded wood species and rustic and traditional style décor, but also can create a balance, or an interesting contrast with other interior styles. The distressed look has its own and unique charm and creates a specific atmosphere while making a statement and being the perfect focal point of any space. It also provides you with the look of reclaimed wood, without the need of purchasing one.

What exactly means hand-scraped/distressed? This type of wood flooring treatment means that intentional scraping is made to the natural wood flooring in order to be achieved a natural, warm and unique look. The process adds texture, richness and uniqueness to the already naturally interesting, beautiful and unique pattern and grain of natural wood floors.

Two methods that give the distressed look:

  • There are machine-made scraped floors that are made at the factory and come with lower pricing. Although this is the cheaper option, because it is made by a machine, the uniqueness could be completely lost because of a repeating pattern and the lacking of a natural feel.
  • Hand scraped wood floors, as the name suggests, are made by hand and because of that, their texture and pattern are really unique and with a lot of personalities. This method offers a very natural look, but it also tends to be pretty expensive and is determined entirely by the skills of the one, who is scraping the floor.

When it comes to hand scraping the floor, there are a few different techniques, including denting, scooping, sanding and also creating a reclaimed look by adding wormholes, splits and other natural markings. You can also choose between light, medium and heavy scraping.

About hand scraping

Although hand scraping the wooden floor comes at a higher price, it totally worth it and you get what you pay for, otherwise said, you can enjoy a very artistic and truly one-of-a-kind look. This is one of the services you definitely want to be delivered by real professionals with a lot of experience and skills. The real hand scraping process takes a lot more than simply denting, scooping and achieving a “raw” look, but it is a real artistic job and requires inspiration and creativity.

Usually, the whole process of distressing your wooden floor starts with creating a custom sample for the client before the initial start. This way you can be entirely sure how your floor will eventually look after the service and how you like it. Then, 3-inch blades are used for scraping the boards right on the floor. Next is the application of two coats of stain that is custom made for your project and then the final coat on-site, after the floor’s installation.

Overall, the line between distressed and simply worn off the wooden floor can be very thin, so make sure you are hiring experienced professionals.