Oak floors are hugely popular for a reason. In fact, many people love real wood floors and want them installed in their properties and a big part of these people is going exactly for oak. Oak is a beautiful wood species that makes beautiful wood flooring. Even more than just the look, oak is very solid, durable, hard-wearing and long-lasting, easy to maintain, a very flexible option for different kinds of interiors and styles and also is available on the market for a very good price. Another advantage of oak wood is that it can be easily maintained in good look and condition, easily improved and even transformed when needed. Oak is a versatile alternative and this is why it is very popular and preferred. If you are planning to buy a new wooden flooring and you want to learn more, or you are facing a hard time improving the look of your already existing and worn off oak flooring, here are a few ideas and recommendations the experts would like to share with you.

If you are fortunate enough to have a real oak wood floor, then you can transform its natural beauty, or bring it back to its genuine glory, just the way you want your floor to look. Of course, every renovation, improvement and transformation project starts with the good old sanding process. But before grabbing the sanding machine, here are a few things you have to be aware of and have to handle before sanding and these are especially typical and common for old floors.

Get rid of curling and warping and fill the gaps. The reason for curling and warping is usually moisture and water but worry not, because solid oak floors are way too thick and strong to be destroyed that easily and the problem can be solved. Oak planks are almost always strong and thick enough to take a good aggressive sanding that will leave the surface of the floor extra smooth and uniform. The next thing you have to do is filling all the gaps since this is important not only for visual improvement but for a more durable and long-lasting floor. If your floor is not facing such problems, you are good to go with a simple sanding service. Don’t forget that wax and polish finishes have to be stripped down beforehand. Sanding is the process of evening out the surface of wood floors and by this, you will enjoy all fine scratches, gaps, stubborn stains and marks, dirt and finish build-ups and leftovers removed. Once the surface is completely sleek and smooth, oak can be easily refinished and stained in the colour you desire and with the effect, you are going for.

Staining and re-finishing are recommended right after sanding. First of all, the pores of the oak wood are already open from the sanding process and all types of products adhere better that way and have long-lasting power. Also, stains tend to highlight even the smallest imperfections, so you are definitely in need of a completely smooth and uniform surface. Oak accepts stains very good because it is naturally a pale shade, so you can leave your imagination free and customise a unique and one-of-a-kind floor, or go for something traditional and classic. In terms of refinishing, as we have mentioned, oak is a very versatile wood species in many aspects, one of them being the way it could be finished. Either you are going to finish the floor with varnish, wax, or oil is completely up to you and the way you desire your floor to look.