There is a big demand for hand-scraped hardwood floors on the international market right now and this fact is definitely not surprising us. For so many years the color of the wood, or the way wood is treated with color pigments has to be the main driver for people looking for a hardwood floor. However, over the past couple of years texture has been overtaking color as a main driver. In this line of thoughts texture is the new color, quickly becoming the number one reason why people would choose a hand-scraped wooden floor over the hundreds of color and shade options. The reason behind this trend is the fact that unlike color, texture is giving more interesting and unique twist to the whole look and appearance of the floor, because texture stimulates and appears to both our eyes and our sense of touch.

Another advantage of hand-scrapped hardwood floors is the fact they are offered in particularly every possible wood species, colors and shades, but with an exciting tactile twist. In general, you can match and suit your hand-scraper wood floor to particularly any possible style, interior design and to your personal taste. You can experiment and play around, you can go for more settle texture, or for extreme one-of-a-kindness. Some people like their hand-scraped floors undulating, with minimal character. Others prefer the rustic look with that features heavy graining, knots and swirls and the natural-looking pattern of wood. Something in the middle of these two options is also a desired look by many. Shortly said, with hand-scraped hardwood floors you have all the possible options and opportunities you can think of in terms of color, texture and pattern and also the freedom to customise your own highly inspirational texture and appearance. Is there anyone that won’t enjoy that?

Although hand-scraped hardwood floors come in a variety of options, all of them offer a universal appeal that can match any interior design, from shabby chic to cutting-edge contemporary. When it comes to hand scraping the wooden floor, you can take this as a form of art – timeless and beautiful in its own unique way. In general, the choice is completely yours and it all depends on your own taste, requirements, desires and lifestyle. Because of the flexibility of hardwood floors, these boards can be installed particularly anywhere and they are very easy to maintain, keep clean, solid and flawless-looking. Overall wooden floors don’t require a time-consuming maintenance that will break the bank and every penny invested in them is totally worth it, because they last up to a hundreds of years and even more!

Hand-scraped hardwood floors are a true piece of art you can be proud of when having guests at your home, or clients and visitors at your workplace. No two planks are the same and this will add a really interesting twist to the whole interior design of your space! So, no matter if you are a fan of a tranquil and simple look, natural patterns, modern colors, or sleek and high-gloss shine, be sure to have a look at the hand-scraped hardwood floors options on the market.