Hardwood floors are versatile. They are versatile not only in the sorts and types of flooring made out of wood, or the wood species used, or the colours, finishes and grains. Hardwood floors are also versatile in their functionality. Not that there is a hardwood surface that is not good quality at all and it won’t last at least a few decades (although it all depends on a number of other factors), but there are certain wood flooring types that are better to be installed in domestic settings, while there are many others that fit perfectly in commercial settings.

Hardwoods play a large role in the commercial business scene as well, because they add a lot of elegance and class, they are associated with professionalism and high quality too. They are hard-wearing, long-lasting and altogether a very smart investment, totally value for money. Hardwoods increase the value of houses and properties on the real estate market, they bring visual pleasure and positive first impressions to clients and customers too. Hardwoods worth every penny invested into them! Let’s have a further look at why hardwood floors are perfect for commercial settings!

They improve air quality

It is already a known and very popular statement (that is completely proven by health organisations all around the world) that hardwood floors have a lot of benefits when it comes to the war against allergies. It is because of the fact that hardwoods reduce and minimise the trapped dust, dirt, dander, pollen and all allergy-related substances. That way they ensure a healthier environment with less allergies, skin and respiratory conditions and irritations. Because of that hardwood floors are a common choice in schools, medical offices and anywhere else, where many people visit and work daily.

They are easy to maintain

Believe us, maintaining and cleaning wooden floors is the easiest thing in the world. They don’t require too much time, energy and money to look perfect. A simple daily clean is more than enough even in high traffic and busy areas. This makes them the perfect solution for commercial businesses that often don’t have enough time and resources!

They are easy to install

Besides the fact that wooden floors can be installed in a number of ways and methods that match perfectly the individual characteristics and specifications of the space, they are always really easy to install and their fitting can even be a subject of DIY project, in case you want to save some extra money by cutting the budget for professional service.

They have great hardness

Wooden floors are made from different types of wood species, but all of these wood species used are hard and strong enough to survive a lifetime. Add to the mix a hard-wearing finish and you will end up with the most durable, hard-wearing and long-lasting type of flooring you can ever get. So, besides beauty and professional appearance, you can also enjoy great stability and solidness, even in high traffic and heavy footfall areas.


When it comes to commercial premises, sound control is another important specification most people forget about. Especially when it comes to multi-family structures such as apartment buildings, where strict regulations may be present, considering sound-proof insulation installed under your hardwood flooring is a great solution!