Although hardwood floors are a very popular choice and many people find a way to fit them in their household and lifestyle because they are beautiful, functional, easy to maintain, come in a great variety of choice and with reasonable price and they are also very durable, there are still some people wondering and feeling stressed in the wood flooring showroom. We believe that everyone should know about the indisputable benefits and also specific requirements of hardwood when it comes to flooring, so here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get for the past few months.

How hardwood floors are affected by humidity?

Hardwood floors are completely natural and humidity has a major impact on them. Hardwood has a natural porous structure and because of that and when in contact with moisture, your floor can start to “move”, contracting and extending, which may lead to some major issues. That is the reason hardwood floors are not recommended for areas, where humidity is an issue such as basements, bathrooms, etc. For these areas, we recommend moisture-resistant engineered wood.

How to clean hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors are pretty low-maintenance and you have to follow a simple, quick and easy cleaning routine to maintain their look and condition in top shape. Vacuuming with the nozzle, sweeping with a fine brush and mopping once a week with a damp mop is more than enough for your cleaning routine. Make sure to remove spills immediately, especially when it comes to beverages and food, because they may leave a stubborn stain. Use only cleaning products, which are designed for hardwood floors and forget about the all-purpose cleaning agents from the local supermarket. Use them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Finally, consider some refreshment and renewal of the finish between two times a year and every other year, depending on the existing finish and the degree of everyday use.

Prefinished or unfinished hardwood floor – what to choose?

Choosing between prefinished and unfinished hardwood floor is completely up to you and your personal preferences, budget, free time and so. Unfinished leave the factory without any type of finish and protective product applied, while prefinished floors, as the name suggest, come to your house with the finish already applied. The advantage of purchasing an unfinished hardwood floor is that you have the freedom to have it finished and looking the way you want when installed. In addition, unfinished floors are cheaper, however, you have additional expenses such as the cost of the sanding and sealing professional service.

Prefinished hardwood floors, on the other hand, come with a very hard-wearing and resistant finish applied. If you don’t want to customise the look of your floor any further, then these are a good option for you! However, they tend to be more expensive because of the additional cost of the finish application.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article for our experts answering more of your questions!