In part one and two of the article we have already answered some of the most frequently asked questions hardwood flooring buyers often think on and consider before making their purchase. Today, in the last article on the topic, we are going to provide you with more information on the wooden flooring topics you are interested in and give you more helpful expert advices and recommendations that are good to keep in mind, when planning to buy and have installed a hardwood floor.

What is wood floor acclimatisation? How do I acclimate my hardwood floor?

No matter if it comes to solid wood or engineered wood floor, both of them are made from natural products, which need a period of acclimatisation before installation. Letting the wood acclimatise to its new environment, indoor temperature and indoor humidity helps you prevent some issues and problems in feature. To acclimatise the wooden materials, simply place them in the room, where they will be installed, but don’t remove the packaging and let them sit there for a few days. Normally, engineered wood takes less time to acclimatise, while some solid wood timbers made out of a certain wood species may take a lot more time.

How much hardwood flooring do I need for the project? How to measure out the room size and calculate the final cost?

There are many online tools around Internet, which are completely free and no-obligation and help you calculate the final price and how much wood flooring you are going to need. They are simple to use and you simply need to answer a few questions about the room size and dimensions. Another option is to ask for a professional help. Usually this won’t cost you anything, because many professional hardwood floor installation companies offer free estimations and also the experts can visit you in convenient for you time and do the precise measurement and calculation. Even if you have to pay some additional costs, we recommend you to settle on the second option, otherwise you could pay a lot more money, when overbuying too much wooden material.

Where can I get trims and moldings for a finishing touch from?

Trims and moldings are also important to be installed after the wood floor installation, because they will add the finishing touch and make the room look more polished and finished. In addition, every expert knows that expansion gap have to be left during every installation in order to prevent many problems and potential issues happening. This gap is located between the floor and the walls and can be easily hide with a trim and molding. You can buy yours in the same store, where you purchase the flooring materials and choose them to match the whole floor.

How about pets and wooden flooring?

In fact, pets can pretty much leave a lot of imperfections on your newly installed and well-maintained hardwood floor. To prevent their nails scratching the top veneer, simply make sure you keep their nails trimmed. Also, remove immediately the dirt and dust they leave.