Many people are dreaming of white wood flooring for a long time, but they are afraid to cross the line and purchase one because they believe that white floors are generally very hard to keep clean and in good condition and look. Although white wood floors tend to be a bit requiring, they are by no mean more complex and hard to look after and clean than any other wood flooring colour. White wood flooring is an option that can be used around the whole house without worrying about every footstep and eventual accidents. If you make the right choices, maintaining the beauty and condition of your white floor won’t require anything special other than looking after any other option on the market.

First of all, you have to choose the right style for your situation, lifestyle, needs and property. White wood comes in a great range of shades, wood species, grades and many options and this big variety of choice can make you feel overwhelmed and even stressed out. Following a few simple steps and expert recommendations will save you all the stress. First of all, consider the traffic aspect and how busy the area where the floor would be installed is. In general, commercial areas and family houses with big families, small children and pets need to do more thorough research and more sustainable choice, when going for white. The bigger the risk and dirt are, as it naturally is in high traffic areas, the better idea is to choose a white shade that camouflaged and conceals the dirt. For example, a distressed white wood that looks pretty rustic and aged won’t highlight every single dirt particle as a sleek and uniform white floor would do.

With white floors you also have to consider the finish. Both engineered and solid wood comes in a big range of finishes to choose from and you don’t have to go only for the visual appearance, but also think about longevity and hard-wearing power. Generally, if it is expected your white wood floor to experience a lot of traffic and a high level of everyday use, as well as a pretty aggressive environment, you will be safer with lacquer finish. Otherwise, you always can go for a brushed and hardwax oiled finish that ensures a more natural texture.

White floors also have to be maximum protected and they need a special cleaning routine, special, but simple and timely. Make sure to vacuum or sweep with a soft-bristled broom daily to keep dirt, dust and debris away from build-ups. You can occasionally mop the floor with a damp mop and special cleaning products designed for wooden floors. Be sure to remove immediately excess water, spills and liquids, since water and liquids are among the worst enemies of wooden floors and can quickly lead to major issues.