We all want the wood floors that we have invested a lot in to look and feel great for as long as possible. However, life is life and issues and damages happen, so the only thing left to do is dealing and solving them because if we keep neglecting them, they will grow bigger and bigger. One of the best advantages of real wood floors is that they can be repaired and improved almost in any situation. Most of the wood floor issues are also easy to deal with at home and without professional help. Today we are going to discuss how to DIY a wood flooring repair and what is important to know and remember.

Sometimes the repairing process doesn’t require any specific skills, knowledge and experience and here is where you can turn up and get to work. Professional help may be required for some major issues like buckled wood, cupping and corner curling, however, some minor issues are pretty easy to deal with. The main thing when taking care of somehow damaged wooden floors is being careful, patient and paying attention to details. Overall, solving wood floor damages and imperfections can take some time and be impatient is not going to make things easier at all and it may force you later to spend money and time on hiring a professional service to get rid of your own “improvement” attempts. When it comes to prevention, there are numerous ways to do so.

First things first, any job starts with a bare canvas, so you are going to need bare room for starting your project. That means that all furniture pieces have to be lifted carefully and not dragged across the room. Also, do not underestimate the importance of maintenance and taking care on a regular basis. And here we are not speaking about professional help, but all the small things you can do on an everyday basis like providing the floor with proper cleaning and always get of spills immediately.

If you notice light scratches on the surface and in the top layer of the floor, you can easily solve that problem. Finer scratches can be made almost absolutely invisible, simply add a new coat of sealing product and if your floor is oiled, then simply add a fresh, new coat of oil. Scratches on lacquered floors can easily be removed with a lacquer pen you can find at your local provider. Many local suppliers can also provide you with wax filler sticks, which are very good at removing medium scratches. In case the scratches and dents are more visible, you can fill them with a special resin filler and even out the imperfections.

If it happens that the scratches and dents on your floor become so large, maybe it is in need of sanding and refinishing, so professional help is required. Overall, investing a bit more money into professional service will give you that peace of mind that your floor looks attractive and feels solid and sturdy again.