Many people prefer different flooring options than wood because wooden floors tend to have the fame of not that easy to take care of and maintain in perfect and super clean condition. In fact, this is a great misunderstanding and it is time to prove this is only a bad reputation for no real reason. Wooden floors, especially when high-quality materials used, can reduce your daily cleaning and maintenance routine to the point when cleaning a carpet seems like real torture! Simply make sure you follow experts’ cleaning advice and a trusted and proven maintenance strategy and you quickly will forget about dealing with stubborn stains, big dirt and dust build-ups and issues in general. You don’t need expensive cleaning products, too much time, energy and dedication and here is what the whole routine consists of:

Try sweeping

The big advantage and selling point of wood flooring is that, unlike carpets, dust, little dirt particles and hairs are easy to remove because they don’t get stuck into the surface’s structure. Carpets have this texture, which collects hairs and dust and even if wood also experience dirt build-ups, cleaning is much easier with the sleek surface you have. And this applies even to parquetry, the mosaic type of flooring installation where gaps are expected. Simply make sure you use a fine broom, otherwise you can create fine scratches. If dirt is more stubborn than you’ve expected, be sure to treat the floor with a slightly wet mop or cloth.

Try vacuuming

Vacuum cleaner is another alternative. Instead of sweeping with a broom (which is, in fact, recommended), you can reach inaccessible areas with a vacuum. However, don’t forget to use the hardwood nozzle of your vacuum machine, so you can be sure you won’t scratch the fine surface. Also, lightweight vacuum cleaners are recommended, since heavier ones will, most certainly, cause additional dents and wear and tear. Be sure to follow your vacuuming routine weekly.

Try mopping

Well, this is a tricky one, because water and wood are definitely not the best combos! Here is what our company experts often recommend to our clients – always get prepared. The proper preparation is your guarantee for best results. When broom and vacuuming can’t get rid of the stains, purchase a cleaning product, specially created for wooden floors and use a new or completely clean mop, because previous dust particles collected will scratch the surface. Finally, make sure your mop is damp, not wet! If you follow these simple instructions, you don’t have a reason to be worried your floor will get destroyed, stained, marked.

In order to be maximum helpful, we discuss the latest and trusted cleaning routines with our flooring experts and make sure we give you proper advice. Our professionals have enviable experience and a great reputation, so you can put trust in their recommendations.