Overall, cleaning and care for your hardwood floor are simple tasks you don’t need to invest too much money, energy and time into. It is hardwood’s nature to be easy to maintain in good condition and also easy to maintain clean and in good shape for a long time. Of course, there are some situations and risks that have to be avoided and prevented, but other than that a hardwood or engineered wood floor will require a lot less than other sorts of flooring and that is good news for anyone considering to purchase and have installed one of them.

The wood flooring specialists, of course, have some specific recommendations, advice and guidelines, when it comes to hardwood maintenance, care and cleaning. And if you want to keep your investment in a tip-top shape, then try to be aware of these few guidelines. Today we are sharing with you the main do’s and don’ts of hardwood floor cleaning and care!


  • Consult with a manufacturer, installer, or any kind of hardwood specialists, when you have any doubt about the kind of finish. Be sure to ask for professional recommendations, when you are not sure what type of finish will suit your lifestyle, requirements and needs the most. When you undertake a sanding and refinishing project, you have to be aware of the type of previous finish, so don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Place mats and rugs at doorways, exteriors and interiors, at high traffic spots. This way you prevent dirt and dust from entering your house because they will not only make you clean more often, but also can cause fine scratches and other issues.
  • Place plastic or fabric-faced glides and pads under the legs of furniture and other heavy objects. That way you will prevent dents and scratches be left on the surface and ruin the appearance of the floor, especially when moving things around like chairs and tables.
  • Trim and file your pet’s nails regularly, otherwise, they can easily scratch the surface.
  • Place an area rug in front of the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, if you have a hardwood floor installed there, under the eating and water bowls of your pets and anywhere, where leaks and spills are expected to catch them on time. Water, liquids and moisture are not doing a favour to the hardwood surface.
  • Sweep, vacuum and dust mop regularly. When using a mop, be sure it is damp.
  • Clean spills immediately.
  • Close curtains and blinds, when possible and especially when the sun is really strong to prevent discolouration of the wood.


  • Move around heavy furniture and other heavy objects without having additional protection.
  • Wet-mop. Remove excess water and liquids before cleaning your floor with a mop, otherwise, you may dull the finish, damage the wood and leave a discolouring residue.
  • Wear high heels and sports shoes inside the house, because they would scratch the surface of the floor.
  • Allow sand and small pieces of broken glass to stay on your floor since they are highly abrasive and will definitely hurt and scratch the finish.
  • Use oil base soaps.