Hardwood floors and pets don’t go along and this is a big mislead, since modern technologies of manufacturing and maintaining are able to make the wood resistant to almost any damage causers, including pets, their nails and their habits. Our London experts suggest a few tips on how to be able to have a pet and keep your wooden floor in perfect condition.

Pets, especially cats and dogs are the most common aware when people plan to purchase a wooden floor. It is either having a pet and going for another flooring options or purchasing an expensive wooden floor and saying goodbye to the idea of a family dog or cat. No one would like to deal with long and scratchy nails, running enthusiastically on the surface of the newly installed glossy and sleek floor. However, did you know that following a few simple rules, which are neither time consuming, nor hard to follow, can allow you the double pleasure of owning a beautiful floor and friendly and playful pet in the same time? Here is how you can achieve this, without spending extra money and hard work:

  • You can minimise the risk of scratches, caused by pets’ nails, by choosing the right wood species. If you are planning hardwood installation in your space, it is about the right time to have a look at Merbau or jatoba, since these are known for being extra hard and sturdy wood species. To protect the surface further from imperfections popping out, invest in high-quality finishing products. A few protective layers of really high-quality product, being wax, lacquer or something else, guarantees to save your floor in perfect condition for longer. Even when the top layer gets to the point of wear and tear, the bare wood underneath will remain in perfect condition.
  • Cleaning. Yes, cleaning is essential for those, who want to save the initial condition of their wooden floor. Besides, pets are often the reason for dust and dirt to enter your house with no limits. Including the toilet habits of the pet and the chance for a big mess, be sure to look after the hygiene of your dog and cat and also to take care of the floor, removing liquids, stains and dirt immediately.
  • Keep their nails short! Especially for cats and dogs, keeping their nails trimmed is really important, since longer nails are the main reason for dents and scratches. By making sure you visit the pet groomer often, you make sure your little friend is feeling happy and your floor is in perfect condition.
  • Finally, invest in rugs and runners. This sounds like the ultimate solution to every problem and in that case, it can save you a lot. If you place rugs in high traffic areas, you won’t cover completely the beauty of your floor, but will protect it and, well, make your pet extra cosy!