One can think that once installed in the house, the wooden flooring will be durable and looking good for a long time. But in reality, because of its daily usage, it gets worn out quite quickly. A good solution for this problem is to have it re-sanded. It is normal when you are about to start with this procedure, to search for some additional information. In this article, we have gathered some and we hope that it will be useful for you:

At what time periods can the flooring be re-sanded?

This depends on how worn out it is. If the traffic on it is intense and heavy, then it will need to be re-sanded more often. Also, its cleaning and maintenance is also of significant importance, if you want to delay the process of wearing out. We can give you an example of the flooring in the corridor. The high traffic there and the lack of maintenance can cause damages, and this will lead to the need to be re-sanded every five years. If, on the other hand, there is a mat, on which to take off your shoes in order to avoid the dust falling on the floor and if properly cleaned, the re-sanding might be needed after 10 years. And that in the bedroom, for example, might not need sanding for many years.

How often can I re-sand my wooden floor?

You should take in mind the type of wood, from which the flooring is made, how thick it is, the sanding machines that you will use. If you have sanded it three times already, it should be better to consult with a specialist if it is possible to be sanded again.

What is included in the re-sanding procedure?

The needed equipment for this process is the sanding machine and different grades of sandpaper, which will help remove the upper layer of the flooring. First, the old finish must be removed, after that the harmed layers. In the end, a finish or oil will be applied, depending on the type of flooring and on your requirements.

Will the whole re-sanding process produce too much dust?

The more contemporary machines do not produce such a great amount of dust, as the old ones. But you should take all the pieces of furniture out of the room, also there should be ventilation in the room and the people, entering it, should wear masks.

When can I use my newly re-sanded floor?

After the drying of the applied finish. Depending on its kind, it can take 2 to 10 hours.