Do you want to get rid of your old wood flooring? Ok, that is not a hard thing to do and you can use both professional help and your own two hands. However, you are probably not sure what to do with the wooden materials you are left with. In case they are still in good condition and not damaged a lot, you can easily sell them. You will be surprised with how much people are ready to pay for a reclaimed wooden floor with its own history and character. On the other hand, if the wooden boards are not in good condition at all, the ways to get rid of them are not that many. Be sure to think in advance and if your wooden floor is generally in good condition, hire professional help to remove them, otherwise you risk causing major damages and issues by doing this yourself. Still, if you are getting rid of wooden boards in really poor condition, here is what you can do:

Council collection

The days when you can simply get away with dumpling the old settees, furniture pieces, wardrobes and floors on the side of the road are already gone, unfortunately. The friendly council van will not come and pick them up for free. Nowadays, if you want to dump your old wooden floor, you will have to call the local council and find out what kind of services they offer in order to pick up what you do not already need. In the best situation, they will give you an appointment and a particular day when they can come and collect from you. Do not worry, this is a free service after all.

Be creative and make things from it!

If you are a handyman, or a passionate DIY-er, there is always something you can do from the wooden boards you do not need anymore. You can either use it to transform the interior of your house and even of your workplace, why not! For example, you can add it to your walls up to dado height, or you can make great storage cases and even cages for small animals! There are no limits, when you are crafty and especially when you have so many wooden planks to work with!

Use the old boards on your attic or your shed

If you have an old engineered wood flooring on hand, this is always a good option for adding flooring to your shed and give a new and exciting outdoor look to your property. If your attic has no flooring you can also use the wooden boards you do not need to make one and use the newly built space successfully for storage! Why not, after all, you are improving your living space and finding great use for all the wooden materials you are otherwise going to throw away.

If you are looking for other ways to recycle your old wooden flooring, be sure to get in touch with us and maybe we can provide you with more inspiration and ideas.