Walnut’s chocolate browns, cherry wood’s rich dark shades, oak’s stability and even contemporary engineered wood – nothing is safe when it comes to time and everyday use leaves their traces, often unattractive ones. If you believe top quality wooden floors don’t suffer inner and outer impact and issues, you are totally wrong, because no matter how much money your solid or engineered wood floor cost you, it is the wood’s nature to experience some changes with time. Of course, the way you maintain your wooden installation and the care you dedicate has a lot to do with saving the floor in good condition for longer. Our London experts are always ready to share with you helpful information on how to develop a timely and efficient cleaning and maintaining system in order to do the best for your floor. In fact, the experts’ routine and advice, if followed strictly, can make your life easier and your wooden floor more resistant to what they experience in the flooring’s hell, but if you want to prevent a total apocalypse, wood floor sanding is your immunity.

Wood floor sanding is beneficial for your floor in the following endeavours:

Repairs and restoration

Well, sanding won’t handle major flooring issues, but as an initial stage of every restoration process, it will reduce their affection onto the whole structure and its longevity and durability. Most common issues in that thread of thoughts are deeper scratches, penetrating through the protective finishing layer up to the bare wood underneath, non-structural gaps, demanding filling and what often appears next – lose, unfixed or broken boards and planks due to neglected minor problems, the impact of the environment, high traffic and many more.

The way sanding will help you to solve the problem is its ability to get rid of finer scratches and gaps and that way reduce the risk of growing problems. Every experienced flooring expert will tell you sanding won’t be started until the floor is checked for major issues. Hire the experts and that way you can be sure they can find some problems, which existence you haven’t suspected at all.

Removing stains

According to the experts’ recommendations, food and beverage spills and liquids must be removed immediately from the surface of the floor. Well, let’s be real, there is a big chance for this not to happen the exact way recommended. And usually, you will end up with a stubborn stain, sustainable to even the most powerful cleaning product. Well, sanding has nothing to do with these cowards, because it will strip off the whole damaged and dirty top layer of the surface, including the stains.


Wood floor sanding, as recommended, is best followed by sealing service. Sanding will prepare the surface for the upcoming sealing and staining, which both play a serious role in protecting the floor from future issues. Refinishing will not only bring visual improvement but also will add a lot of strength to the whole structure.