Many people believe that the combination between hardwood floors and pets is mission impossible and that is why these people are often going for cheaper flooring options. After all, hardwood floors are a pretty serious investment and you don’t want them scratched, stained and funny-smelling the next day after installation, right? Well, is it really impossible to have beautiful and elegant wooden floors in a house where there are pets? Our expert recommendation is that you can be both an owner of a pet, or two, or more and also an owner of a sleek and flawless-looking floor at once. Simply be sure to follow these few simple rules and preventive practices in order to be sure that you can enjoy both the friendship of your pet and your floor for many years to come.

We have tried to collect and gather the easiest and fastest maintenance and cleaning advice for taking care of your wooden floor and protect it from your pet we can think of. After all, with the holiday season coming up, no one is going to enjoy complex and time-consuming methods, right? So here is our Christmas-appropriate and pet-friendly guide to wood floor maintenance for you:

  • Santa is going to visit your house soon and you have to prepare to welcome him with chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. But when you put out the milk, simply make sure it is out of reach of your pets. After all, you don’t want Santa finding spilt milk and you most certainly don’t want a milk spillage on your wooden floors, because this is going to leave a stain, especially if the finish of your floor is pretty worn out.
  • You want to make your pets happy this season and you want to thank them for their friendship. Gifting them with a little treat is a great idea, but don’t wrap their presents and put them under the Christmas tree. Neither cats nor dogs would have the patience to wait until Christmas morning and they will quickly unwrap the present, leaving scratches and dents on your floor in their enthusiasm and happiness.
  • Use a tree skirt, rug or mat under the Christmas tree. After all, this is still a tree and your dog is still a dog…
  • When decorating the Christmas tree, don’t hang the ornaments too low, otherwise, your cat may be tempted to play with these shiny and fun things. If Kitty still somehow manage to knock down a Christmas ornament, then grab the vacuum machine quickly, otherwise, the little sharp particles can leave scratches on the surface of the floor.
  • If you are planning a family-gather this Christmas, be sure to move away from your pets’ dishes away from the main traffic areas.
  • Holiday season is as exciting for your pets as it is for you. Be sure to keep their nails trimmed, so they won’t scratch the floor when they get a bit too enthusiastic and excited.