Skirting boards are not the most important factor for wood flooring to be in perfect condition, however, skirting boards have their benefits and advantages for the look and stability of wooden flooring. What are actually skirting boards and what their functionality consist of?

Skirting boards are, basically, PVC, wooden or MDF thin boards, which are installed running along the base side of the interior walls. There are many methods for skirting boards to be installed, you can choose from nailing and screwing down and also glueing them down onto the walls. When it comes to styles, you also have a variety of choice, or you can customise them. Often skirting boards come in a variety of colours, so they can match the colour of the wood flooring. They also can come flat and in simple shapes and clean lines, or more detailed, carved with moulding and a unique design. Usually, between 5 and 15 cm high, they can be a bold addition to the design of your flooring, or simply blend with the whole interior style, almost invisible. The most popular skirting boards on the market today are made from solid wood, where oak and walnut are very preferred because of their strength and durability and also from MDF laminate and veneered skirting.

If you already wonder about the purposes of the wood floor skirting boards, here are a few of them, which are the main reason professionals recommend their installation.

  • During the installation process of your wooden flooring an expansion gap has to be left in order to allow the movement of the floor due to different environmental conditions. The expansion gap is very important, otherwise, the wooden planks and boards will start cracking and experience some major issues. However, this expansion gap is not the best thing to look at and in this situation skirting boards are the perfect tool to hide the gaps between the floor and the walls. The same comes with electrical wirings hanging out from… well, you know, almost everywhere in the room. Hiding them in the ceiling is not recommended because in case of an issue and repairs needed, accessing them means tearing down the whole ceiling. Hiding them with skirting boards is a better idea.
  • Skirting boards work as a barrier that protects the walls from damage. Creating a space between doors, furniture and walls, you can be sure nothing will ruin the paint or the wallpaper.
  • By hiding all the gaps and wirings, skirting boards add a finished and beautiful look to the room where installed. In addition, boards come in a variety of colors, styles and designs and especially those with the decorative moulding carved are always a finishing touch of your interior design.

If you have any further questions about skirting boards, be sure to get in touch with our experts and they will provide you with information and advices.