If you are looking at your old, tired and worn wooden floor thinking it is already time to do something about it, don’t think automatically about replacement. Some wooden floors suffer a lot of issues, which are neglected for long and therefore already way too serious than expected, however wood floor sanding and refinishing may be a great solution even when you have already lost your hope.

Due to so many reasons wooden floors often suffer different issues. Mainly because of poor installation job, not the proper maintenance ensured and provided, neglecting issues like scratches and dents, which grow bigger with time and often cause broken and cracked boards, because of humidity and moisture, which are the biggest enemies of wooden floors and also because of the high level of everyday use and frequent traffic, which cause quicker wear and tear of the finish and then of the bare wood underneath, soon or later your wooden floor will start facing some problems. By the first signs of scratches, stubborn stains, squeaky noise, discolouration and “movement”, you have to make sure you ask the professionals for help and renovation, otherwise, the problems will only go deeper and make you replace the whole floor at the end. Let’s face it – wood floor replacement is nothing but a very expensive and time-consuming process and qualified installers is harder and harder to find and put trust in. So, why not to consider wood floor sanding and refinishing.

It is surprising how many wood floor owners are still not familiar with the sanding and refinishing treatments. What sanding stands for is removing all the imperfections from the surface until smooth and sleek. That way you not only bring back the initial beauty of the wood but also prevent it from issues grow bigger and cause major problems (and expensive ones). That way you also prepare the surface for the refinishing treatment. Refinishing includes sealing and staining and is the main reason for the beautiful and clean look of your floor. Sealing is the process of application of protective products, which create a barrier on the surface and also add durability and longevity to the whole structure. Staining is a great opportunity to refresh the look of the old and worn floor, or completely change it.

Of course, there are projects when sanding and refinishing won’t be recommended because of the simple reason that they can’t do any difference. When the floor already faces serious problems, is too old or over-treated in the past, even the specialists can’t help you. In that case, you have to consider replacement with a new one. However, if you have to choose between renovation and replacement, settle of the renovation option because it is timelier, cheaper and easier.