If you are going to make this important choice of what flooring type to choose for your home or workplace, you would like to know all the pros and cons of deciding on a certain type of flooring. Whether you are choosing between wood, stone, vinyl, carpet, or anything else, you would like to know all the benefits and advantages that come with e certain type and what to be concerned about. Well, people often talk about how solid and long-lasting one flooring is and how beautifully it matches and compliment certain styles, however, we often forget about the fact that some flooring types are healthier, cleaner and easier to maintain choice and what really is important on daily basis are these features of your floor. After all, even the most beautiful and sturdy floor won’t worth it if it requires everyday deep and thorough cleaning and exhausting and time-consuming maintenance that is way too expensive, right? Today we have decided to pay more attention to this topic and discuss which option is healthier and easier to keep sparkling clean and away from bacteria, allergens, debris and dust. We decided to discuss the two most common and popular flooring covers used – wood and carpets.

Well, let’s say that wood flooring is often a pretty serious investment. Although there is a serious diversity on the market today and you can have practically any style of wood floor on a pretty decent price, still nothing can beat the low price of carpets and this is the reason many people prefer them. However, carpets significantly fall short compared to wood floors in important areas like cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance required. Although carpets look like a great deal at first, soon or later people regret purchasing them, because professional cleaning and maintenance services are required frequently, which with time make them equally expensive as wood floors. Even worse, carpets are definitely not that long-lasting like wood floors that tend to last up to 100 years. Overall, we highly believe that wood floors are significantly more hygienic and healthier option because of many reasons. Here is why to choose wood over the carpet, if you are concerned about the cleanliness and healthier choice:

  • Easy cleaning – Wood floors are way easier to clean and require less maintenance. Your usual and, in fact, very effective cleaning routine has to include daily sweeping with a soft-bristled broom and vacuuming, that is all. Of course, spills and stains have to be removed and in this case, a damp mop and cleaning products designed for wooden floors is everything you need. Carpets, on the other hand, require way more than simply vacuuming. Vacuuming is a mandatory part of your cleaning routine, but it is just not enough. The specific structure of the carpets makes debris and dirt collect between the fibres and stay there forever. Dirt build-ups are the main reason for bacteria and allergens at home and can be removed only with the help of a professional deep cleaning service that is recommended surprisingly often.
  • Improved hygiene – In the long-term, wood floors are a healthier option for you. In the case of carpets, dirt and debris are trapped between the fibres and even if your carpet looks fairly clean, you will be surprised how dirty it actually is. Dirt has nowhere to hide with wood floors.
  • No allergies to worry about – Carpets are the first to collect dust and with that allergens and bacteria. If someone in your family suffers from skin conditions and diseases like asthma, carpets are definitely not the best idea and wood floors are certainly a healthier option.