Having wood flooring is not an easy thing, you have to be aware of so many things regardless of maintenance, cleaning and paying attention to many more details. In fact, hardwood floor maintenance is not that hard, cost- and time-consuming at all, once you know what is proper and what is not necessary to be done. One of the aspects of wood flooring maintenance is prefinish. In fact, we all know that prefinish is important for the good condition, durability, hard-wearing power and amazing appearance of the wood, but is this factor really that important, so you cannot live without your hardwood flooring to be pre-finished? We hope that we can help you make a more informed choice, whenever you decide to purchase wooden materials and planks.

Does prefinish create color?

Let’s be honest, we all choose our wood flooring based on its appearance that includes its texture, grain and colour in general. In most cases, wood flooring manufacturers prefer to save the original colour of the wood species authentic and untreated, since all wood species are naturally very beautiful and come in a great variety of colours and undertones that there is something to match practically any style and everyone’s taste. However, there are so many staining and dyeing methods and product available for wood floors too, that you can achieve almost any colour possible, no matter the basic, natural colour of the wood species of your choice. You can even stain wood, so it can successfully imitate other species, or achieve a completely distinctive and unique colour. However, the stain is still the cheapest and the worse option and will cause a poor appearance over time, we recommend you to better bet on the natural beauty of the wood species.

Is prefinish stronger than the finish that is applied on-site?

There are better sides of both pre-finishing and applying the finish on site. In fact, pre-finishing makes all things easier and no-mess, why finishing on-site requires sanding beforehand, which creates a mess and the whole process requires more time. However, finishing on-site gives you the freedom to choose your own finish, depending on your requirements. As it comes to durability, today’s pre-finishing methods offer the same extensive warranties and lasting power for decades. Most of the prefinishes are strong enough to last up to 20 years without the need for re-finishing.

Do prefinished floors get scratched and damaged?

All floors can get damaged, scratched and ruined at some point, it mostly depends on your maintenance routine and not that much on the finish itself. Although prefinished wooden floors often are considered as scratch- and wear-resistant, be sure that extensive use and really high traffic are, for sure, going to leave their traces. The harder the wood species and the thicker the finish, the more the chance for scratches and quicker wear is reduced, but even in this situation you cannot move around heavy furniture pieces and expect them not to leave ugly traces and scratches.