When it comes to wood floor sanding and refinishing, many people stay away from it for as long as possible. Although the perfect results that the procedures provide you with and although the fact that both sanding and refinishing, in general, are very beneficial for your natural wood flooring, people consider the services to be extremely messy.

In fact, gone are the days, when sanding left you with a pile of mess and dust, so there is no need to worry anymore. With the urge for the development and growth of new, fresh and innovative ideas, wood flooring treatments such as sanding, refinishing and sealing also take their fair share in terms of improvement. New and improved equipment and methods guarantee better results and less time required for the whole process and what is even better – dustless sanding and refinishing. But is dustless refinishing really, truly and entirely dustless? Let’s have a more in-depth look at what the name actually suggests and stands for!

Here is what you need to know about dustless wood floor refinishing and based on that you could make a more well-informed choice:

  • The ugly truth about dustless sanding is that completely dustless sanding simply does not exist! There is no chance of not having to deal with one single dust particle. Of course, this truth is not that ugly, because considering the days, when dust-free refinishing equipment haven’t existed yet and the pile of dust lest after a sanding service, we definitely see a significant change and a lot less challenge with the current methods and sanding machines. Dust control, unlike 100% dustless wood floor sanding, is completely possible thanks to the dustless containment system that reduces the dust-up to 80% and definitely makes a difference.
  • What about the remaining dust? Since we already know that 20% of the dust is still a challenge, it is very important to remember that this dust has to be removed completely, before the polyurethane finish is applied. If there are still dust particles left on the floor at that time, they will remain trapped into the finish and practically ruin the final appearance. The good news is that the advanced dust control sanding systems make cleaning a lot easier. The only thing that has to be done is a thorough vacuuming with the appropriate equipment and your floor will be ready to be sealed.
  • Almost any company charges for a dustless containment system sanding, but this is not the case with the highly professional and quality ones. Make sure to look for a company that does not include additional fees for that extra.
  • Some companies may use dust control systems with large trailers that are very expensive and this will definitely impact the final price, but the truth is that these systems are by no mean better than any other.
  • Since we already know that 100% dustless wood floor sanding is not a thing, we also recommend you hire a professional cleaning company, so you can be sure that your hardwood floor will look amazing at the end.