Engineered floors are usually challenging project when it comes to restoration service because of their structure. Engineered wood is a manufactured product, made by several layers of plywood or lumber material glued together and topped with a thin layer of real wood with thickness between 4 and 8 mm. As a manufactured product engineered wood is made extra solid and durable, but engineered floors also suffer issues. Although the material is pretty much suitable for all types of installation over even uneven and damp subfloor, with time engineered wood can suffer due to high moisture levels and temperature amplitudes. Bringing the character of real wood, if not installed properly, the material's “movement” and ballooning can cause cracking and the occur of non-structural gaps. In addition, because the top layer is made from thin real wood layer, depending on the type of the wood itself, it can suffer the same problems as hardwood, including thinning, worn finish, scratches, etc. Floor Sanding Experts London engineered floor repairs team can find a solution to every existing issue and prevent future ones in London, providing professional restoration performance and expert maintenance advice.

As we already said, engineered floor repairs can help with deep scratches and gaps. The deeper the scratch is, the more it affects the bare wood surface, penetrating through the protective top layer. The same goes with the gaps, so if you want to prevent injury of the thin wood layer, you have to consider engineered floor repairs service in London. Our team provides great gap and scratch filling service as a part of our reliable repairs department in London, filling scratches and gaps with quality putty filler with matching colour and texture and sanding and sealing over it for the beautiful outcome and extra durability.

Our engineered floor repairs team in London is well-trained and experienced to deal with loose and squeaky planks. With time and due to the high traffic the protective finishing layer wears off and then it is a turn of the bare wood surface to be exposed to the aggressive environment. So engineered wood get thinner, worn and dull with the possibility of cracking and starts to make the squeaky noise everybody hates. In addition, the wood adhesive also wears off and loses its power, or nails and screws can get loose and cause dislocation of the planks. In that case Floor Sanding Experts London’s engineered floor repairs technicians in London will replace the old nails with new ones and add quality wood adhesive for extra long-lasting power. If the loose planks are too damaged and we can’t help them, our experts will replace them with new ones, matching in dimensions, colour and texture. Topping all of with a great and professional engineered wood sanding, sealing and staining will not only make the repair invisible and make the floor extra sleek, glossy and clean but also add more durability and strength to the floor’s life-cycle.