Engineered wood is a great choice and investment. Bringing the beauty of real wood, with a great variety of styles and designs, engineered wood installations come at affordable prices and this is the reason they are really popular in London neighbours houses, also worldwide. The product is also durable and stands up to high traffic, adaptive to all kinds of subfloors, it can be installed in any room you want, without the cost and maintenance of solid wood timbers. However, engineered wood tends to get dull and worn quicker and needs some engineered floor sanding. Since engineered floor sanding is a delicate job, because of the nature of the product, you need to leave this job to Floor Sanding Experts London experts.

Engineered wood is a manufactured product with a thin real wood top layer and structure made from crisscrossed glued together lumber material layers or plywood. Since engineered wood is made from pressed wood, it's durable and moisture-, scratches- and wear and tear-resistant, also easy to clean and take care of. Above that, engineered wood is usually half the price of hardwood on London's market. Even though, because of the low price, engineered wood can come in lower qualities with modified artificial-looking wood and grain textures. Floor Sanding Experts London is happy to help your engineered wood constructions to look better than hardwood with the help of engineered floor sanding.

Engineered wood planks top layers consist of 4 to 8 mm thick real wood top layer, then finished with a clear or coloured sealant. Engineered wood shouldn't be sanded typical way, because the top wood layer is likely to be taken off easily. Our staff works with that super fine and modern equipment, hard to find in London, which provides great results after the hard work, able to please even serious pedants. We use machines, designed to remove the top layers of gloss, but not affect the wood's surface deeply. No rough sanding is desired here because in London we do everything with politeness!

Many people think engineered floor sanding is a challenging process, sanding, in that case, is substituted by more like a light screen-sand with a screening disk. Floor Sanding Experts London's team is aware of the complexity of the process and has successfully built a system, which begins with treating the engineered wood planks with the screen in the direction of the floorboards. The screen will take up the very top layer of the finish, without affecting the bare wood itself. Then remove the dust with a fine broom or lightly vacuuming is needed, since dust can easily scratch the surface. We repeat sanding over the whole area. Finally engineered wood floor is ready for the new coat of finishing product to be applied over.

As you can see, engineered wood floor sanding takes pretty much time and careful work. You don't want to destroy the thin surface of the wood, since this type of flooring is not that easy to be repaired. Don't take the risk and call us, because our expert team has years of experience in wood sanding in London.