Wood installations are easy to maintenance, clean and look after and if you follow a few expert advices and tips, you probably will enjoy yours for years. Floor boards are not exception of this rule. No matter the kind of wood they are made of, floor boards add style and simple elegance wherever it is installed and don't need that much of attention for the most part. However, issues happen and although there are several ways to prevent them, it is a question of time and wear and tear to experience one, no matter how successful and proven is your everyday cleaning and maintenance strategy. As with every type of wood floor boards can suffer gaps and scratches, loose and squeaky planks, wear and tear and discoloration, etc. Don't worry, because our floor boards repairs department is in London to help you and find the best solution to every issue, thanks to our individual approach.

Since floor boards are natural wood product, owning that kind of construction you will experience wood’s character. It is the wood’s nature and structure to shrink or enlarge because of the impact of the environment, temperature, humidity and exposure on sun. Wooden products have a structure with pores, which allows movement to prevent wood’s cracking. Floor boards are laid on the subfloor’s joists, glued or nailed down, and structural gaps are left during installation for intention. However, with time due to high traffic, worn finishing layer and others, the structural gaps can grow in size and cause loose planks, especially if you don't have underlayment installed. Then boards can get loose, or even cracked and broken, because the moisture’s impact is more intensive. The same goes when the wood adhesive gets worn and loses its long-lasting power, or the nails and screws get loose. Our floor boards repairs service in London is specially designed to help with loose boards, no matter the type of the issue causer, preventing future damage in the same time. Adding wood adhesive, replacing the old nails, fixing the floor boards and even replacing spots of the installation and finding the perfect match are just a few services from our floor boards repairs department in London.

Another problem of the floor boards wood can be scratches and non-structural gaps. Bigger and deeper dents penetrate through the finishing layer and affect the bare wood underneath. Especially when the finish is already worn and the bare wood is exposed on high traffic and aggressive environment, scratches and gaps will not only ruin the beauty of the floor, but also can cause major problem. Our floor boards repairs department in London offers a great gap and scratch filling service for our London clients, using quality and long-lasting putty filler, mixed with fine wood dust in the matching color. Once the gaps and dents are filled and secured, our floor boards repairs technicians will offer sanding for a perfectly smooth and sleek surface and then seal it for extra durability.