Wood floor installation, sanding, sealing and repairs are the job of the specialists and our experts created a great selection of services. Wood floor maintenance is a shared work between the owners of the flooring and the branch technicians. Your part of the weekly maintenance is the proper cleaning strategy, of course following the advice of the experts. Our part of the floor maintenance, as an experienced and well-trained specialists in London, being a part of Floor Sanding Experts London for years, is providing professional cleaning, recoating, polishing and re-oiling services every few months are once a year. These annual services will not only keep the good condition of your wood construction, saving its beauty and durability and refreshing its appearance but also prevent possible issues in future.

Cleaning, as a part of our floor maintenance department in London, consisting of heavy-duty cleaning procedures, aggressive to the dirt and stains and caring and tender to the wood and the finish. We have a great selection of effective cleaning equipment and high-quality products, specially designed for wood floors, which is great for commercial and domestic projects and every type of wood. We have the proper strategy and products for every type of flooring, from hardwood and engineered wood to parquet, because the best maintenance way comes with an individual approach to the flooring. For good cleaning, you can’t count on universal cleaners and anything abrasive and too aggressive. At the same time, the wood floor cleaners we use are powerful and will remove even the dirt deep in the pores of the wood.

Our polishing service in London is great to refresh polyurethane finished glossy surface at least once a year. Before the polishing service, your floor may need stripping and sanding. The stripping process consists of removing the old finish build-ups, worn finish patches and dirt with the help of very powerful products, so it should be done by professionals. The sanding procedure here is more like screening and buffing because it consists only of removing the worn upper layer from the surface and opening the pores, so the polishing layer can adhere successfully.

Re-oiling is the newest addition to our floor maintenance department in London since oil finished floors are a pretty new invention. The oil finishes are great, because they add extra durability and fresh effect, but saving the genuine beauty of the wood and its unique texture because the oil soaks into the wood. However, the only weak feature of this type of finish is that it gets worn pretty quick and needs reapplication every two to four months. Now, with the help of our floor maintenance department in London, you can take the proper care at affordable price and with timely and efficient performance.

Recoating is the best-kept flooring secret, because it provides the results of refinishing, but at a more affordable price and for a lot less time. Contact our customer service on 020 70360622 or info@flooringservices.london to ask more on the floor maintenance services we offer in London.