Issues can vary and the same goes for their causers. From finishing protective layers, scratched by pet’s nails, high heels and furniture translocation, continuing with deeper scratches and even gaps, to loose planks, nails and screws and thinner wood because of the high traffic, sun rays damage, exposing on high moisture levels and aggressive environment. The list is even longer, but this is not the topic of this text. The most important thing is that whether the problem consists of and no matter what type of wood installation you own, we can help you with professional floor repair service in London. In addition to our repair service, our experts will provide further information, advice and tips on the proper maintenance and how to prevent future issues.

Now, every type of wood flooring experience its own issues, depending on the wood’s structure, if the material is made from real wood or manufactured, the room’s environment, the subfloor and the installation methods and so on and so on. Our experts provide a free obligation site view in London to diagnose the floor’s condition, age, previous treatment and the nature of the problem. Being in the branch for years give us the experience and the knowledge required to be able to find a solution to every problem and creating the best and individual battle plan. We have different floor repair departments, including solid wood repairs, engineered wood repairs, parquetry restoration, wood scratch repair department, stairs restoration, floorboards repairs and sanding and refinishing services. So don't hesitate to contact our staff on 020 70360622 or no matter what type of flooring do you own and what the issue consists of.

The scratch and gap filling service is part of our floor repair department in London. Finer scratches usually affect only the finishing top layer and can be removed simply by sanding and then applying a new finishing layer. Deeper scratches, however, penetrate through the protective layer and affect the bare wood surface. Combined with high traffic and worn finish, gaps and scratches can easily provoke wood’s cracking. To prevent this, our crew in London provides excellent gap and scratch filling with quality putty fillers mixed with wood dust, matching the existing material colour for invisible results. If you want to achieve an even better and sleek outcome, we provide sanding, polishing and buffing for the treated patches.

Don't worry, because we will find a solution also to major flooding issues. Ask our experts for floor repairs in London for loose planks and stairs, nails, squeaky stairs, etc. With time wood get thinner and worn, which causes loose nails and a squeaky sound. Our restoration service staff will hammer down the loose nails or replace them with new ones or add quality wood adhesive for loose wood boards and parquet blocks. If parts of the installation are in too bad condition, we will remove the damaged and distressed patches and replace them with the perfect match, without losing the line of your floor’s pattern and dimensions.