Floor sanding is a service, which happens at least once in the life of every wooden installation. Something more, confused by the information database Internet provide so easily, you can mislead and consider floor sanding every other year, or for example, every year. Yes, your floor will look significantly better right after the service and you may be left with the impression you do something good for its condition, but think twice. Imagine the process simply by annual removing the top finishing layer. Now think further and imagine a worn construction with no finish at all patches, sanding will remove not only the leftover finish from the surface but also a layer from the bare wood. Especially for the wood floors in a commercial building, where the traffic takes less time to leave its traces on the surface. Now, imagine an engineered wood with a real wood top layer only between 4 to 8 mm, or a solid wood, which is made completely from real wood timbers, but is sanded too many times in the past. Do you still think floor sanding is good to happen often to your London project?

Floor Sanding Experts London works in the branch in London for already years. Decades of successful domestic and commercial projects give us confidence, based on our experience and accumulated knowledge. We've met challenging projects many times before, but one of the most common flooring service’s sin is the over-sanded wood floors. The truth is that just because the surface is scratched, lost its original pigmentation and it is dull, or just because there are worn finish points, that doesn't always mean you need floor sanding service. Our expert crew have many service options, which we will talk about later, but they are the perfect alternative for bringing back the life of the London wood installation, without the time and the cost of sanding. However, sanding will happen at least once in the life of every wooden flooring, this is necessary, but doesn't mean it has to be poorly done, expensive and time-consuming. Not if you count on our expert service.

Now, you are probably already confused by this anti-advertising. The point we try to prove is that we are a sanding service in London, which won't charge you any extra cost if your floor doesn't really need it. On top of that, we provide free obligation site visits in London as a part of our special offers, so we have the chance to diagnose the condition, find its individual needs, create the best service strategy and provide informed choice for our London domestic and commercial clients.

Do you wonder why we have the name of the best company in London? Here is why and it's not only because of our no hidden costs and unnecessary services policy, neither only because of our individual approach to every client. It’s also because we provide excellent floor sanding and sealing performance for every single project we participate in. Besides the modern equipment and quality products we count on, the advanced sanding methods we are trained at for already decades, the professional, timely and efficient manner we work with for every single client and the accumulated knowledge, which allows us to find the perfect battle plan, depending on the type, the age and the condition of every wood floor, we work with passion and attention to every detail, because we believe the perfect and affordable in the same time service is not just a Utopia and could happen to each of our London clients. We won't continue with burdensome terminology any further, but if you feel you would like to know more about the process itself, call our experts on 020 70360622 or reach them through info@flooringservices.london and ask all of your questions for free. Floor Sanding Experts London hopes we’ve earned your trust and you will give us a try. See you soon!