If you want to restore parquetry in its natural, original beauty, than we are your best option for London. Being in the branch for such a long time gives us accumulated experience and knowledge, which allow our experts to know the proper methodology for the perfect parquet floor repairs, decreasing issues to a minimum. We can renovate your parquet wood installation in a professional, timely and efficient manner, skipping the messy job and replacing it with clean and expert parquet floor repairs service at affordable prices for London domestic and commercial contracts. Thanks to our modern low-dust sanding equipment and the high-quality products we work with, your parquet flooring will look amazing again and you will experience the quality of our job simply by enjoying your parquet floors for longer.

After a free and obligation site visit in London, our experts will provide consultation, discussing with the clients the proper parquet floor repairs strategy, the time it will take and the charges. In addition, our staff will always provide further information on the proper maintenance and cleaning methods after parquet floor repairs. Our restoration service creates a smooth, even and sleek parquet surface with long-lasting power and extra durability, without outstep the pattern, dimensions and the genuine structure of the mosaic parquet blocks construction. Here is the list of the most common parquet issues, we've met a lot during our London projects:

  • Deep scratches, penetrating the protective finishing layer and affecting the bare wood
  • Non-structural gaps
  • Wood cracking
  • Worn, dull and dirty finish or finish build-ups
  • Loose parquet blocks
  • Missing parquet blocks
  • Uneven floor’s surface
  • Stains with different nature (industrial or everyday life)
  • Squeaky sound
  • Discolored or bleached parquet surface
  • Wood worm gaps

Of course, there is a big chance you can't find your parquet issue in this list, but don’t worry, because our parquet floor repairs department experts are well-trained and with a proven knowledge base, so thanks to their individual approach they will find the best solution to any existing parquetry problem and suggest you the best method to deal with it. Here is a little bit more about our parquet floor repairs methodology we provide in London. If you feel you need more information, feel free to contacts us anytime on 020 70360622 or info@flooringservices.london.

  • Gaps and deeper scratches filling with a quality putty filler, mixed with the matching wood dust colour for best results.
  • Treating loose, worn and thinner parquet blocks with a first-class quality wood adhesive.
  • To get rid of the squeaky noise, our expert team suggests soundproof and insulation underlayment installation.
  • Replacing broken, cracked, distressed and too damaged in general parquet blocks with quality matching material.
  • If you suffer only a few worn and distressed flooring patches, we can do the job locally without the cost of the whole floor remodelling.
  • Sanding, sealing and staining for even, smooth, sleek and beautiful parquet installation. With the great variety of sanding machines, we work and providing hand sanding for challenging patches, our sanding team will completely transform your parquet floor, without losing the initial design and pattern.