Parquet is one of the most complex types of wood installations when it comes to flooring services and especially parquet floor sanding because the variety of the installed designs and styles is wide. Parquet composition is completely made from real wood blocks, fitted mosaic in different directions, angles and patterns. That means, during parquet sanding the floor can't be treated straight in one direction of the sanding machine just like solid or engineered wood planks, because this method will distress the wood’s surface, creating grainy texture and uneven surface and can even provoke more serious issues like deep scratches, cracking wood, loose blocks, nails and screws, etc. We provide this information to our London domestic and commercial clients to ensure their informed choice and to meet realistic expectations, since parquet floor sanding can happen to be more time consuming than the other sanding services, of course strictly depending on the individual flooring, its age, condition, pattern and needs.

Before starting with parquetry sanding in London, our technicians provide an obligation site visit and expert consultation. That way our experts together with our clients have the chance to build a proper parquet floor sanding strategy, including only the necessary and important stages of the process and save as many charges, time and energy as possible. This is the best way to start a project, because you, as a client, would have the professional opinion of the flooring experts after detailed and precise inspecting.

No matter how caring and precise you are to your parquetry, even if you follow the best cleaning and maintenance routine, time always leaves its traces and the newly installed parquet blocks will get worn, dull and discoloured in a few years. Whether you have the installation for almost decades or it is just fitted, parquet floor sanding provides great results, balancing the sleek and smooth outlook and the extra durability addition. Settled on the best sanding battle plan, in a convenient for you time, also consistent with the busy schedule of the commercial projects or schools, our experts will start the project with the important prior preparation. Parquet floor sanding preparation starts with providing repair service if needed. Our restoration team will fix the floating and loose blocks and hammer down the popping nailhead or add quality wood adhesive to create a sturdy base. If the condition of some patches of the floor is too bad, we can remove the damaged blocks locally and match the new ones perfectly, without losing the art line of the pattern.

When our specialist team is completely sure that the floor is fixed and extra clean, we start with the parquetry sanding. We use modern and quality equipment and products, providing also fine sanding machines and even hand sanding for the most challenging angles and designs. That way we are completely sure we will remove only the worn and scratched finishing layer and the deeper gaps and scratches from the wood’s surface. Once the surface is completely smooth, and sleek, Floor Sanding Experts London offers our London clients an amazing selection from sealing and staining services for the perfect final touch. Contact our customer service on 020 70360622 or and ask for more information and free estimate.