London clients demand high quality, whether they are visitors of your fine dining restaurant, fast-food chain, cafeteria or pub. Half of the quality they expect from the cuisine and the food products, the other half, however, they search in the general ambience of the restaurant. The friendly, clean and professional-looking restaurant environment is the proven formula, which draws clients in. No matter what your style is, you should pay attention to your flooring first, because the floor is the perfect background for any possible design and decoration to shine with their full beauty. Our restaurant floors sanding is the best solution for your London business, since restaurant’s installations experience major wear and tear because of the daily high traffic. Our sanding service will transform even the most pathetic, worn and dull wood into an attractive calling card, which will work for the restaurant’s fame through the whole London area.

Restaurant floors sanding is pretty much the same thing as creating the perfect dish. Adding the right spaces, quality products and the proper proportions ends up in a harmony, which can please even the sassiest clients. We follow strictly the formula of the virtuoso sanding for our London clients, mixing effective and professional performance, individual approach, quality equipment and products, affordable prices and expert advice into the perfectly balanced service, specially designed for our commercial clients. We select only the necessary stages of sanding, staining and refinishing and apply them to your wood flooring for best results after a free site visit and inspecting the floor’s condition, age, prior treatment and type of wood. Then we provide certain preparation stage, including restoration if needed, moving furniture and cleaning.

According to Murphy’s Law, wood installations in high traffic commercial areas, which serve already for a few years to their owners, usually need restoration. Don't worry, because we can help with gap filling, scratch repair and fixing loose planks and nails in a professional and efficient manner. Once we create the sturdy base of the fixed floor it's time for sanding to start. Using quality equipment and even providing hand sanding when needed, our experts will create a perfectly sleek and durable surface, deleting any sign of scratch and wear and tear.

Then we provide excellent polishing, re-oiling and recoating finishing services to prevent future damages and to add more long-lasting power to the floor’s life-cycle. Check out for our wood staining options for the London area right after the restaurant floors sanding, because this is the way to easily transform and renew your design and style, without breaking the bank. Where there are food and a lot of people, there is no place for chemicals and noxious ingredients, so we use only quality natural products, which are powerful and long-lasting and safe at the same time.

Floor Sanding Experts London staff is ready to answer all of your restaurant floors sanding questions and book an appointment in a convenient for you time, depending on your schedule. Call us on 020 70360622 now!