The Sun slowly sets, painting the sky in the most unexpected shades of pink, purple, tangerine and peach, little waves with white curls laze down by the seashore, little kaleidoscope bubbles dance in the cocktail glass beneath the little umbrella on its edge and you can feel the fine Fiji sand under your feet… Wait a minute, you are just daydreaming! In case you are at e beach bar really, but if in London club or bar, the wood floor with sandy texture is not a good thing really. What can you do for wood floors with grainy texture, scratches, discolouration and traces of high traffic and wear and tear? Simply consider sanding for clubs and bars! We provide excellent sanding for clubs and bars service, which will not only feel like an easy day on the beach for you but also add to your club the value of an exotic Hawaiian beach bar and draw more clients in than “Pacha” on Ibiza!

Planning a restyling or restoration project for your London bar or club, you should always think first about the needs of the flooring. Don't forget that exactly the dance floor is the place where your clients meet and have fun, the focal point of every entertainment room, the piece of the interior design, which experience the traces of the high traffic the most. Floor Sanding Experts London provides sanding for clubs and bars in London service, which will bring back the old glory of your wood floors. Old but gold they say and if the music in your club is retro hits, you can inject a little bit of a fresh twist to your flooring, simply by pampering it thanks to sanding, staining and polishing, re-oiling or recoating. You can completely transform the look of your old-fashioned wood installations or boost the wood’s genuine beauty, pigmentation and structure, highlighting its natural beauty.

Our sanding for clubs and bars service in London is specially designed for our commercial clients and that means our experts will save you time, work organized depending on your busy schedule and provide excellent performance at a great price, without breaking the bank! After a prior free site visit in London, consultation to meet our client’s desires and our suggestions and inspecting the floor and its age, condition, type of wood material and the high traffic marks, our experts will provide the most suitable for you and your business sanding plan. Then certain preparation is needed, our staff will clean the floor, remove the furniture and the decoration, provide dust sheets and check if there is need from floor repair. After providing restoration if needed and creating a sturdy and fixed base, we will start with the sanding for clubs and bars. Our technicians work only with quality sanding equipment and the most quality, powerful and long-lasting, but safe products for the upcoming refinishing. Applying a new finishing or staining coat is better than after sanding because that way the product will soak into the wood’s structure and provide more durable results.