Thousands of feet pairs cross the hallways of the school daily from left to right and once again, and once again. In the room furniture, tables and chairs are moved constantly. For the lunch break, you get at least a hundred beverage and food spells on the wood floors. And the situation in the sports hall isn't brighter. Well, you definitely can't expect school wood floors to look great, can you? Teachers, students, workers and even visitors of after school activities cross the school building daily, leaving traces of high traffic, scratches and stains, damages and the next day only makes it worse, increasing the number. The school houses in an antique building in London and has gorgeous mosaic parquetry mosaic? Well, not for a long. It is the fate of every wooden floor in a commercial building, even the newly installed ones, to experience an aggressive environment. Don't lose hope, because we at can actually help with school floor sanding in London. Our sanding service will not only transform the most pathetic wood floor and bring back its previous glory but also add extra years to its life-cycle.

The preparation process is essential before starting with school floor sanding and that way our experts have the chance to provide the best results and meet all your desires and needs of the wood flooring. We provide free obligation site visit in London and that way you will reduce further our affordable prices, which is great for low budget projects. After certain suggestions, consultation and inspecting, our team is almost ready to start with the sanding service. Our technicians will provide prior cleaning, moving furniture and dust sheets, although our equipment is low-dust and that way we will save you extra money, energy and time. Speaking of time, we know school floor sanding may sound like a time-consuming project, but we at Floor Sanding Experts London are well-trained and organized and provide timely performance, without interrupting your work and even working during some school holidays.

Floor repairs are usually needed before school floor sanding projects, so you can count on us to do some restoration for you. Fixing loose planks and nails, scratch and gap filling, removing squeaky and damaged patches and replacing them with the perfect match will create the super solid base for the upcoming sanding in London. When we are completely sure sanding can start, we prepare our selection of sanding machines, each of them specially designed for different wood types and kinds of flooring. Solid or engineered wood, parquet or stairs, our experts will use the proper sander and even provide hand sanding for challenging areas, stains and angles, so the perfectly smooth, sleek and sturdy surface is created.

Finally, right after school floor sanding in London, our company has one more offer – sealing and staining. Applying the finishing products and pigments after sanding is the proper way because the pores of the wood’s structure now are open and the products will soak quickly, creating super pretty, glossy and clean, durable and long-lasting surface and preventing future wood damages, cracking, scratches and stubborn stains. Since here we talk about school project after all, we ensure you we use only quality and safe finishing products.