Here is the experience of the close of most of the hardwood owners in London to solid wood floor repairs – worn finish patches – place a rug on top, scratches from high heels and pet’s nails – place a rug on top, damaged place by a dropped object – place a rug on top. Place a rug on top of every issue until your hardwood installations start to look like a patchwork blanket. The rugs only cover the issue and can't solve it and deep down under the covered area the problem starts to grow and the prognosis for future major issues get completely real and legitimate. Instead of placing a rug with the hope that “when I don't see it, it doesn't exist” better contact a reliable solid wood floor repairs service for your London hardwood restoration and let the experts solve the problem once and for all. We offer you great and professional solid wood floor repairs services in the area on the price of a rug… well, a few rugs.

Our solid wood floor repairs department perform restoration services in London for many years, which means we have enough experience and knowledge to deal with every hardwood issue existing and prevent those of them, which can pop out with time and due to the over-treatment. We’ve seen them all and the most common occasions people in London ask us for help is when the solid wood timbers suffer deep scratches and gaps, causing a wood cracking, loose and squeaky parts of the floor, worn finish, discolouration, caused by direct expose on sun rays, and damages and distress in any shape or form. After a site visit in London and free expert consultation, our technicians will choose the best solid wood floor repairs strategy, depending on the needs, condition and age of the installation and also the nature of the problem causer. Floor Sanding Experts London specialists will also provide expert advice on proper maintenance and cleaning methods after the restoration and how to prevent future issues.

Gap and scratch filling are part of our repairs department. The services are dedicated to deep scratches and non-structural gaps, penetrating through the finishing top layer. Filling them with a mixture of quality putty and wood dust in matching shade will not only create a smooth and sturdy floor’s surface but also prevent wood cracking. Structural gaps are left during installation to allow the wood movement due to high temperature and humidity amplitudes and we will make sure we fill only the non-structural ones. Also, with time and due to high traffic and aggressive environment, wood gets thinner and worn, which causes the squeaky sound (especially if you don't have underlayment installed) and the dislocation on nails, screws and loose patches. Our solid wood floor repairs service can help in that case by replacing the old nails with new ones or adding quality wood adhesive for extra strength, or if we can't help the existing timber and it is way too damaged, we will replace the distressed wood part with matching by pattern, colour and dimensions one. Toping all on with hardwood sanding, sealing and staining will bring back the initial beauty and durability of your floor.