You dream of a Tuscan style kitchen, luxurious bedroom, inspired by Napa Valley Casas, or countryside look alike right in your living room? Floor Sanding Experts London is your ticket to exciting destinations! Bring the authentic European spirit in London with our solid wood installations offers. We will not only apply it for you but also keep track of and be always there for proper maintenance and solid wood floor sanding when needed.

It looks like flooring is the background to your amazing furniture pieces. Many years of experience we've gained prove, that every single piece of furniture or art can shine in its full beauty and uniqueness only when you create a simple and pretty background and our team is here, in London, with a successful strategy how to make the best for your project by solid wood floor sanding.

Solid wood products come in classic ¾ -inch solid wood constructions, plank milled from a single piece of timber. Usually made from maple or oak (preferred for their durability), there are so many domestic or more exotic options on the market. Solid wood installations provide better stability and are pretty moisture-resistant. That means they are the right choice for London's humidity or over concrete, where engineered wood would contract and separate. Solid wood floors have thicker surface and can be treated more often, which include solid wood floor sanding.

Solid wood sanding may look like an easy task, but Floor Sanding Experts London's expert advice is to leave that to the pros and call us for London area for a free estimate and site visit, since we use the best equipment in the region. What you have to know about solid wood floor sanding is:

  • Before refinishing the hardwood, there's a need for old coats of varnish to be removed and this is the job of our sanding team. Now, if your flooring isn't in great condition with floating and displaced planks, we will do some repairs job beforehand.
  • We prep the room (no matter if domestic or commercial) and adjacent areas – clean the floor, cover around doors or remove them and apply sheets to prevent dust from spreading throughout the house.
  • Following a special system of machine directions, we create a completely smooth surface without any grains. Now, our equipment is almost completely dust-free and save a lot of work, since the surface must be completely clean, where dust can scratch the smooth surface easily.
  • We pay attention to details and provide excellent presentation even on challenging room corners and any inaccessible areas.
  • Right after solid wood floor sanding is done (surface can be sanded more than once, depending on hardwood's condition and we always check twice for best results), the treated area has to be cleaned with a vacuum for an absolutely even surface, ready for the new finishing top layer. Sometimes light-handed sanding is needed between coats.

Solid wood floor sanding is usually needed every few years, depending on the room's traffic, cleaning methods, how you deal with light damages, etc. We are happy to provide information for proper care. If in London, we offer a long service list of repairs, maintenance and cleaning, so call us on 020 70360622 for further information.