Whether you have your staircases for years in your home or you are newly moved into a house with pathetic looking and damaged stairway, Sanding Experts London can help you for domestic and commercial projects, including hotels, restaurants, school building, etc. in London. Stairs and banisters restoration is often neglected, but it should not be that way, since stairways are an important interior design component, also functional and with everyday use value. Staircases and balustrade in bad condition will not only decrease the quality of the everyday life in the house, but also can cause major future issues. Our stairs and banisters restoration department in London guarantees professional repair, individual approach, affordable cost and amazing results in no time for every repair project we undertake.

Our stairs and banisters restoration experts will provide further information on the repair service whenever they are asked for every London project, so feel free to contact them if you are interested at the topic. Anyway, you need to do a phone call in 020 88309782 or contact us through e-mail or the contact form of the site to make a stairs and banisters restoration appointment. Our London repair department staff offers free and obligation site visit to start the project successfully. That way our experts will check the staircase’s condition, inspecting the problem and suggest you the best methodology to solve it. After achieving consensus on the time and service charges needed for the restoration, our technics will start to improve the condition of the stairs and the balustrade. Here is a list of the most common issue problems, provoking stairs and banisters restoration:

  • Squeaky and loose threads and risers
  • Loose banisters
  • Uneven, broken or cracked wood stairs
  • Worn and dull stairs and banisters finish
  • Peeling of wood stain patches
  • Gaps, scratches, worm holes, thinner and worn wood’s surface

For all these stairs and balustrade issues our Sanding Experts London experts have created the best stairs and banisters restoration methodology for London projects, based on the many years of experience we have in the flooring branch and the accumulated knowledge on every flooring topic existing. Specially designed to be as timely and effective as possible, our restoration services will improve your staircase’s condition by simply providing these process stages:

  • Gap and deep scratches filling with a quality putty fillers, mixed with a matching color and texture wood dust for invisible results.
  • Stair treads get squeaky and loose, because of the high traffic and wear and tear of the finish and of the wood itself, also with time the power of the wood floor adhesive and the nails and screws get loose. To prevent that we will replace the loose nails with new ones for extra stability and add quality wood floor adhesive.
  • For loose balustrade, our technicians will made new holes for screws and replace the old ones with new. Don't worry, they will be covered by the balustrade and invisible.
  • We will replace the damaged and broken threads, risers and banisters with new one, finding the perfect match to your staircase. Since hardwood material tend to be expensive, we will do the perfect threads cut in the beginning to save you extra money from failed attempts.
  • Our sanding, sealing and staining services will restore the initial beauty of your staircase, resulting in a sleek, smooth and glossy stair’s flooring and balustrade.