The big number of flooring companies on every corner in your neighbour area and the rich database you can find on the Internet simply by Google-ing “wood flooring” makes the flooring services pretty popular topic and subject everyone knows at least a few things about, even the people, who don't own wood floors. Well, as every business do, the flooring branch also bets on advertisements, which often provoke the clients to search for not existing flooring issues and to convince themselves they need certain flooring services. Everyone knows the advertising power well and knows that it can work also as a placebo effect. Instead of self-promoting, we decided to leave the choice in the hands of the customers in London.

This means we provide flooring information, based on our experience and accumulated knowledge for the years we are on the market and also share with you our statement and recognizable projects through our portfolio. Once sure our client makes an informed choice by choosing Floor Sanding Experts London and trusting us, we know we can meet the expectations and end up with a serious number of pleased clients. Gravitating around this idea, our experts decided to tell you more about the stairs sanding procedure you actually can't find a lot for around the Internet. Maybe because stairs sanding is a challenging service most of the time and most of the London flooring companies don't offer it or maybe because most of the clients don't have any idea they can get brand new looking staircases without the whole remodelling and installation hassle. Let's try to share more about stairs sanding with you.

Stairs sanding needs pretty much the same methods and provides the same effect as ordinary hardwood floor sanding. We say pretty much, because, in fact, stairs sanding is more challenging because of the smaller working space, the angles and the curves every staircase’s treads, risers and bannisters are designed with. Today is your lucky day, because we at Floor Sanding Experts London are the best stair sanding team in London and we have a great selection of sanding equipment specially designed for stairs.

Our practice always follows a few main and important service stages we believe provides the best results and are proven and time-checked. We start with a free site visit in London to inspect the condition of the stairs and find the most suitable and best working stairs sanding strategy. Then, if needed, we provide extra repair service for squeaky, loose and too damaged staircases to be sure the next services will work properly after. After certain preparations as restoration, professional cleaning and moving furniture and providing dust sheets, it is time to start with the main stairs sanding process. Although the service has a messy nature, we work with low-dust equipment to prevent too much dust and dirt. Besides the smaller sized and finer sanding machines, we also add hand sanding when needed for inaccessible points and patches and for the balustrade.

Once Floor Sanding Experts London experts are pleased with the result and the floor’s surface is completely even, smooth and sleek, we provide great sealing service. Sealing is better be done right after sanding because the pores of the wood are now open and will soak the finishing product better. We count on the best protective finishing products on the market, which are not only high traffic-resistant and long-lasting, but also comes in a great selection for everyone’s taste. If you consider also floor staining, we can do that for you by using quality natural dyes with long-lasting power and beautiful organic pigmentation at really affordable prices. Contact our customer service on 020 70360622 if you have more questions.