Keep your wood floors looking good and enjoy them for years, simply following a few expert advice. Besides the wood floor cleaning service we provide in London domestic and commercial clients, our experts offer free information on proper maintenance. Call on 020 70360622 and contact our customer service to book a free obligation site visit in London. That way you can get a free professional consultation before the wood floor cleaning service, where our staff will suggest individual customer-selected cleaning strategy to prevent issues and cut your weekly cleaning time significant. You also will get some tips and tricks, which will improve the wood flooring’s condition, depending on its age, type of wood and finish.

The basic care

The basic care for your wood construction will speed up the wood floor cleaning process and significantly cut down the weekly or monthly maintenance. What to do to save yourself time and energy and be sure, at the same time, you do the best for your floor? First, dust with a mop, which can be treated with a dusting agent or some other type of wood product, specially designed for the kind of wood your floor is made of. The dusting agent will pick up dust, pet hair, small dirt particles, which otherwise will scratch the surface. Remember, liquids are not a friend of the wood, so the mop should be almost dry. Don’t use water to clean your installation, neither abrasive products, bleach or furniture cleaners. Vacuum daily or when needed with a fine-brush attachment to prevent dents.

The deeper cleaning

Our experts have amazing tips and tricks for daily cleaning, but this is not enough, because, with time dust, dirt and oils build up deep in the gaps of the flooring and are impossible to remove unless you ask for professional help. Our professional wood floor cleaning department in London provides a successful and proven cleaning strategy, using first-class quality cleaners, which are tender to the wood, but powerful and aggressive to the stubborn stains and the dirt build-up on the finish. Our wood floor cleaning service is great for commercial projects in London also.

How to remove stains

Before trying to remove a liquid or food stain you should know the finish of your flooring. Different finishes require different cleaning approach. How you can find out the type of your finish? Place a few water drops on a small place from your flooring you can easily cover. If the drops stay on the surface, the finish is probably polyurethane. If the drops sink into the wood, they are the probably oiled finish or worn. No matter what type of finished floors you own, our wood floor cleaning experts can help you for removing stubborn marks.