It is important to know the difference between wood floor polishing and refinishing and Floor Sanding Experts London experts are here, in London, to explain that to you and to provide both services whenever your wood flooring may need them. Wood floor polishing is the process of polishing product application onto the existing finish, in order to fill the gaps, dents and worn patches of the finish and add durability, beauty and longevity to it and to the whole installation in general, protecting the wood and the finished surface from issues, high traffic and wear and tear for the good two to four months. Refinishing, however, is a more time consuming, expensive and messy job and it is needed when the finish is in really poor condition and the only way is to be removed. You have to consider the condition of your floor and its finish before planning a project in London. As a part of our maintenance department, we provide both services and for maximum comfort and informed choice, you can ask for site view in London, so our technicians will inspect the floor and suggest the best solution.

Our wood floor polishing specialists in London are well-trained and have a long experience in this particular maintenance methodology. During the site visit and the expert consultation, they will suggest if polishing will provide good results or if your installation and its finish is in poor condition, so you may need sanding and sealing. Wood floor polishing is better for constructions in fairly good condition and with polyurethane existing finish, since oiled finished or waxed floors will get more benefits from waxing and re-oiling. Our experts will come to inspect the finish if you don’t have any idea. In addition, our staff provides further information on how to take care after the service to enjoy the pretty outlook of the floor for the good two to four months, as it is recommended by the experts.

We are glad to announce our wood floor polishing service in London is really timely, efficient and not messy at all. Here are the main stages of the service. First, our technicians will remove the furniture from the room and clean, according to our professional cleaning standards, including vacuuming with a powerful machine with a fine brush attachment to get up all the dust and debris and then treating the floor with a quality wood cleaner, selected to the type of wood and the finish. Then our staff will buff for extra results. Right after buffing it is time for wood floor polishing, which consist of applying the floor polisher and working in small portions for better results. Although our experts will select the best polishing product, first they fill test in on a small area, which can be covered easily after.

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