Oiled wood finishes are an innovation in the flooring world. The oils, specially designed for wood floors, soak into the wood’s structure, adding longevity and boosting the natural texture and colour of the floor. Feeling the organic benefits of the wooden structure cannot be compared to anything else, because wood is the only material, used for interior design, which is capable to add so much warmth, elegance and class to even the most simple decorated room. The variety of styles, structures and natural pigmentation lumber comes in makes Nature the greatest and most stylish interior designer in the whole world. And wood floor re-oiling is the perfect way to complement this initial style and welcome them home in your London house. Colours, feel and appearance so rich and story-telling you can actually perceive with all your senses…

However, besides the pros of wood floor re-oiling, there is one upside of having oiled finished floors. This type of finish requires more maintenance and care than any other type can take from you. Because of the specific flooring’s surface, you will get, highlighting the structure of the wood will all its furrows, natural dents and curves, dust and dirt accumulate quickly and can scratch the top layer easier. The proper cleaning strategy is your best friend here. However, because of the specifics of the oil finish, scratches easily penetrate through the finishing layer, which can't prevent the bare wood. In addition, high traffic and wear and tear are more potent and intensive for oiled finished floors and the finish wears off quicker and needs to be reapplied often, which is the meaning of the wood floor re-oiling service.

Finding a reliable service in London, which, on top of that, has to have advanced techniques for more rarely asked services such as wood floor re-oiling, may drive you to this point where the only solutions are betting on a miracle. Before rushing to King’s Cross station and asking for Platform 9 ¾ and before searching the postcode of the House of Commons, try to contact us first. Instead of leaving the future of your oiled finished floors to the destiny, better try to leave it in the hands of the professionals. Our wood floor re-oiling staff has a lot of experience and knowledge, which can transform every worn and dull wood into attractive and durable with the long-lasting potential of our services, quality equipment and products. In addition, our experts will provide free consultation on the proper maintenance and cleaning battle plan, so you can prevent future issues.

It all starts with one phone call in 020 70360622. What’s next? The next tasks are our concern. Free site visit in London will provide you with the best wood floor re-oiling plan, depending on the condition, age and type of wood. If you suffer only a few poorly done or worn floor patches, don’t worry, you won’t experience the full cost of the refinishing service, because we offer spot restoration and that way you can reduce even more our already wonderful prices. We also suggest our monthly professional cleaning strategy for deeper cleaning and perfect results, especially suitable for commercial projects. And the most exciting part – sanding and refinishing get completely unnecessary if you follow our advice for annual re-oiling!

What can be better than that? Ask on Floor Sanding Experts London or info@flooringservices.london!