We at Floor Sanding Experts London had the intention to make this text self-promoting and explain to you why we are the best at wood floor recoating in London, but then again – ain’t nobody got time for that! Do not let the wrong impression mislead you, we don’t complain about how much clients and projects await us, we don’t murmur over the positive feedback we receive after every flooring project we undertake. Of course, this is not the case. But since we have this main goal to turn London into the city of the best-looking wood floors, we can’t afford to lose the focus of our priority.

According the latest London research and the social media statistics, we are the leaders of the wood floor recoating services not only in London, but worldwide! Well, maybe there still isn’t existing exactly this type of research, but be sure, if someone makes the statistics they will show the exact same results we’ve already mentioned. No, this is not an idea, directed to you, rather use your money for more affordable and meaningful goals such as renovating your wood floors. Recoating is a great option if you already consider the reviving plan. Why is wood floor recoating provided by us? Well, I hoped you are already convinced by the advertising text above, but well, let’s be professionals and provide professional information for a really informed choice! Wood floor recoating in London by us because service, so professional and caring you want to tweet for, a wood surface so shiny, sleek and instagramable you can be proud it’s in your feed and respect and approach so friendly that you want to add to your Facebook friends list. Well, not quite professional, isn’t it? Let’s try again!

Our technicians are in the branch in London for so long that calling us flooring pioneers isn’t an insult anymore, but more like evidence for our fame, hard work and constantly improving services. Wood floor recoating is one of our secrets, because it provides the impressive results of refinishing without the expensive, messy and time-consuming part. Wood floor recoating is the process of applying a new coat over the existing finish in order to refresh the look of your floor and add extra durability and sturdiness to it by filling all the micro dents and scratches and covering the worn finish points. There is no need for sanding before the recoating method, so you will skip the messy service and the extra charges. Our experts will provide a free site visit to inspect the condition of your floor and the finish, suggesting the best solution. Over a consultation, you will learn not only more about our wood floor recoating service, the top quality products we use and the time and costs needed, but also you will get expert advice on proper maintenance and how to cut down your cleaning routine without affecting the quality of the cleaning methods.