Old or new, wooden flooring often shows signs of extensive use and experiences the traces of everyday life, especially for wood constructions, situated in a commercial building. High heels and pet’s nails scratches, dents from dropped heavy items or from moved furniture, traces of the flooring repair service, not proper cleaning methods and products with abrasive effect or simply the everyday life – all these will happen soon or late to your beautiful wood flooring. It is the nature of the wood’s structure and the wear and tear of the protective finishing layer and you can’t do anything to run away from wood scratches in general, but you can prevent them in the long-term future period. Simply contact our wood scratch repair service and ask our specialist for additional information and preventive maintenance methodology and cleaning strategy. However, if your London wood construction already suffers scratches, dings and dents, you need a reliable and proven wood scratch repair service in action, so you can count on our experts to breathe a new life to your floors and prevent them from major issues like cracking, loose planks, damages.

There are two types of wood floor scratches and Floor Sanding Experts London can handle them both with extra care and attention, in a professional, timely and efficient manner and at a wonderful price. Initiate the transformation of your scratched and worn wooden floors by simply making an appointment on 020 70360622 or info@flooringservices.london if you are located in London. Our wood scratch repair service department staff will contact you for a site view and expert consultation at a convenient date and time. After inspecting your flooring, its type of wood, condition, age and previous services are done, our technicians will discuss with you the battle plan and time and charges they will need. If you achieve a consensus, a wood scratch repair service can start.

Our wood scratch repair service is dedicated to finer and deeper scratches. The fine scratches ruin the appeal of your wood flooring and the glossy finish, creating the impression of wear and tear for the whole room. However, they are easy to deal with. Micro scratches affect the protective finishing layer, without affecting the wood itself. In that case, our wood scratch repair service in London includes sanding and sealing. The sanding process will remove the scratched and worn surface, creating a smooth and even wood surface. The next sealing will prevent the wood for future issues, adding extra durability and long-lasting power.

Deeper scratches are a real pain. More challenging and more destructive, they can’t scare Floor Sanding Experts London wood scratch repair service staff after all! Deeper dents appear on your floor due to wood floor repairs, heavy furniture movement, wear and tear. When the top protective layer wears off, the bare wood surface is exposed to high traffic, aggressive environment, sun damage and everyday life in general. Deeper scratches penetrate through what’s left from the protective layer and affect the wood itself. With time these scratches could grow into cracks, broken or lose planks and major flooring issues. To prevent that, our wood scratch repair service uses quality putty to fill them and top all off, providing sanding and sealing service to even the floor out and add extra durability.